The first five-year phase of the project was guided by the VN Futures Report and Action Plan, launched at the Vet Futures Summit on 4 July 2016. The Project aimed to work towards six key areas or ‘ambitions’:

Creating a sustainable workforce

Structured and rewarding career paths

Confident, resilient, healthy and well-supported workforce

Proactive role in One Health

Maximising nurses’ potential

A clarified and bolstered VN role via a reformed schedule 3

The first phase of the project ended in 2021, with the VN Futures Interim Report published in September 2021. This report outlines many of the areas of the profession we have been working on over this period, and also highlights some new areas of focus that we aim to address over the coming few years as we move into phase 2 of the project.

The VN Futures project aims to:

  • Address challenges in the profession and create initiatives that effectively address those challenges.
  • Identify opportunities for the profession and ensure that those opportunities are effectively utilised and accessible for the whole profession.