Renay Rickard – Group Chair

It’s been a while since the Career Progression Working Group’s last meeting in April, where we discussed the aspirations for the group and how we plan to work towards them.

Now, after holding some successful workshops, it’s time to reach out to a wider audience to increase engagement and participation – most importantly with VNs.

The aspirations for the VN Futures Career Progression Group are:

  • Encouraging maximising individual nurse’s strengths and providing progression for all;
  • Actively promoting performance review and evaluation across the profession;
  • Encouraging charging for nurse time and skills to demonstrate their contribution to veterinary business by providing case studies/models to demonstrate how nurses generate practice revenues;
  • Developing lifelong learning in leadership; mentoring and targeted leadership programmes;
  • Exploring ways to develop the next generation of veterinary nurse leaders; identifying and nurturing talent, providing the skills and opportunities to succeed.

We are currently working on projects that move us towards these aspirations – so watch this space! Look out for VN Futures’ events and make sure to get engaged and get involved – this is your career and your future. It’s so important to work together and your input and feedback is invaluable.

Career Progression Working Group round table