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  • Bruna Chaves Cardosa RVN

Bruna Chaves Cardoso RVN

What key piece of advice would you give to anyone wishing to follow a similar career path overseas?
It is very important to research about nursing as a profession in the country you are aiming to go to. Also, don’t be afraid of speaking to your team members if you don’t understand something, that being either in a language level or professional level. They will be there to help and support you in becoming the best nurse you can be.

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  • Alix Whittington

Alix Whittington MSc BSc RVN

How long have you been an RVN and where did you qualify?
I have been a veterinary nurse for 5 years. I became a RVN here in the UK this year after completing my overseas qualified pre-registration OSCEs.

I qualified as a veterinary nurse after graduating from the University of Queensland, in Gatton, Australia in 2014. I studied a Bachelor of Applied Science Majoring in Veterinary Technology. I took my first full time position at Sydney Animals Hospitals

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  • Alex Mullarky

Alex Mullarky RVN

What do you enjoy about your job?
When I was in Australia one of my favourite things was that members of the public would bring injured wildlife to us as there isn’t an equivalent to the RSPCA or SSPCA that treats wildlife. I got to see a lot of incredible animals up close and I volunteered at a local wildlife shelter to be involved with their rehabilitation.

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