Becky Jones – Group Chair

After a period of dormancy, the One Health Working Group held their first meeting to reignite their work.  The group’s VN Futures actions remain the same, with a focus on the numerous opportunities for shared learning and collaboration between human-centered nurses and veterinary nurses.  The group will look to explore these under three themes – interprofessional learning, clinical practice and research. An example of planned work is the research of community nursing in the context of both human-centered and veterinary nursing; seeking to establish the similarities and the differences, the opportunities and the challenges and finally the skill set required to perform such a role.

Another one health topic up for discussion was environmental sustainability.  This is very much on the agenda for both the medical and veterinary profession and the group will look to establish the key priorities and work being undertaken in this area.

Finally, growing awareness of one health has led to some very exciting developments and collaborations within the wider healthcare community and the group are keen to support and promote these through publications and social media, to inspire others to consider how they too can also get involved and contribute to the One Health movement.   One health is such a broad term, encompassing projects at both national and global level but the group hope their key actions keep their work focused at the heart of nursing and look forward to developing this work further.

One Health Working Group members round table