In 2017 the RCVS consulted both veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses, on their levels of knowledge and understanding of Schedule 3 and what is appropriate to delegate to a veterinary nurse and when. The results (published as The Future Role of the Veterinary Nurse: 2017 Schedule 3 survey) revealed that there was still considerable uncertainty around delegation and confusion as to how Schedule 3 applies in practice. As a result, a commitment was made to develop communication tools to help veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses better understand Schedule 3 and navigate it in everyday practice.

Among these tools were a series of case studies utilising commonly-encountered, practice-based scenarios to provide clarification on navigating Schedule 3. .

In 2019, the SUPERB six-point checklist poster was created for use in the practice setting to help guide veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses when considering the key aspects of delegating work to veterinary nurses under Schedule 3, and was sent out to all UK veterinary practices.

A description of the poster as well as various downloadable sizes and formats are available on the RCVS website.

It also aims to promote conversations between veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses within practice; to encourage consideration of what tasks can be delegated, to ensure that veterinary surgeons are confident that they have delegated appropriately and effectively, and that nurses are confident that they have the required skillset to perform the task.

Ongoing work on considering reform to veterinary legislation, including Schedule 3, is now performed by the RCVS Legislation Working Party, which has input from veterinary nurse members.

Superb 6 point checklist poster