The School Ambassadors Pilot was launched in 2019 to consider a strategy and approach for reaching out to school-children about veterinary nursing careers by working with organisations such as STEM Learning. You can access the recent School Ambassadors Pilot Report for more information on the work of the Pilot, the resources that will become available, and the ongoing areas of development. While some of its work was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic there is currently a team of 11 ambassadors who have completed or are in the process of completing STEM induction and training, and who are continuing the work of the Pilot through an ongoing Development Group. All of the ambassadors are RVNs who work in a variety of roles in practice or education, and offer their valuable time and expertise on a voluntary basis.

The group is also considering ways of highlighting the ambassadorial role to the profession to ensure as many people as possible have access to veterinary nursing career information. We will also be working to ensure that information on veterinary nursing careers are available to school careers advisors and online careers hubs.

We launched the School Ambassadors Scheme in April 2022, and if you are interested in becoming a VN Ambassador then please visit our School Ambassador Scheme page for more information and how to register.

Membership of the School Ambassadors Development Group