The RCVS Leadership Library, the College’s online, free-to-use educational hub, has launched two new leadership topics, which feature resources such as videos, podcasts, guides and blogs. The two new topics are called, Leading and working in a team and Quality Improvement (QI), which both aim to help the professions learn about effective team-working and leadership skills, to help practices work towards and achieve shared goals.

The Leadership Library was launched at the start of 2022 to help the professions to learn skills that they may not have been taught during their formal training. The Library aims to support those who want to learn how to become better leaders, irrespective of their career stage or role. The resources in the Library are all available for free, go towards annual CPD targets, and cover a range of themes so learners can pick and choose to learn about topics that they are interested in.

VN Futures has always supported vet nurses to explore leadership roles and career development opportunities, and it is hoped that the resources on the Library will encourage VNs to develop their leadership skills in a way that suits their schedule and learning needs. The curated content features guides and resources to support veterinary nurses who want to develop their leadership abilities and make recommendations for how practice life can be improved. The content comes from a mix of trusted sources, research and insight from RCVS Knowledge and guides from team leaders across the RCVS.

Gurpreet Gill, RCVS Leadership and Inclusion Manager, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer these two additional topics in the Leadership Library, which include resources that have been curated in collaboration with our charity partner, RCVS Knowledge. The content will enable learners to reflect on the importance of excellent team-working and communication to achieve high-quality outcomes and the leadership skills required to build and sustain healthy workplace cultures.

“Learners can explore a range of approaches and techniques designed to help teams develop and embed good practice in quality improvement. The content also includes recent research into leadership and culture and looks at the skills and strategies needed to cultivate a work environment where people are able to perform at their best.”

Pam Mosedale, RCVS Knowledge Clinical Lead for QI, said: “RCVS Knowledge has been successfully helping the professions to implement QI into their day-to-day practice work for the last couple of years, and we’re pleased that the Leadership Library now features a range of engaging QI resources.
“We know that practices value the impact that QI can have on veterinary care, but we understand how stretched for time practices are. We have created these resources so that practice staff can learn about QI in accessible, bite-sized amounts of time, that can be fitted in around their other commitments. We hope that the resources in the Leadership Library inspire practice staff to start to explore embedding QI processes across their veterinary care.”

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